Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Peter Anderson Festival: It's Surreal

This weekend, Rachel, Julia and I went to the Peter Anderson Festival in Ocean Springs, my hometown, this weekend. We drove down after class Friday and, despite a never-ending traffic jam, managed to make it. Before going to my house, we stopped at Walmart and discovered the Ocean Springs Walmart apparently sells Gold Brick eggs in the fall. We also got ice cream and chips because we were planning to eat healthy all weekend. Especially Rachel who is a nutrition major.

When we got to my house, we ate dinner and then studied and read before going to bed because that's the kind of interesting people we are. Because traffic at Peter Anderson is insane, we planned to wake up early and get to the festival the moment it opened. My sister Mary decided she wanted to come to the festival with us, so she went to sleep early; she's clearly living a crazy high school life.

And, for once, the plan went smoothly. We got up on time, got dressed, beat the traffic and made it to the festival completely on time. We walked around the different booths for a couple of hours and saw some pretty cool stuff. We saw a booth that had jewelry made from beads from the 1800s (I ended up buying a bracelet from there). I ran into a lot of people from high school and church. It was good to see everyone from Ocean Springs, since I hadn't been home in a while.

For lunch, I took everyone to Phoenicia, a local Mediterranean restaurant, and we stuffed ourselves with pita bread and hummus. We also found $15 rainboots and ended up buying scarves and clothes. Rachel kept staring at everyone's dogs, which is really hard as everyone in Ocean Springs has one, because she misses hers. Mary discovered the pet booth and tried to convince me to buy a rabbit. Because Mom and Dad wouldn't have killed me at all.

After the festival ended, we went to the Biloxi mall. Where we discovered the sales racks at Books-A-Million. Julia bought a ton of books and swore she wouldn't buy anything else — then found a really cute coat on sale at Charlotte Russe and ended up getting that as well.

After we finished at the mall, we met my parents at Wasabi for dinner. Where, still upset over LSU defeating Bama, Rachel and Julia talked about football, and I occasionally added something to the conversation. Like how we could indirectly beat LSU. Yeah, I helped come up with that.

After dinner, we headed home and decided to study and read our new books before watching "You've Got Mail." Then Rachel decided to take a nap and wake-up and study some more. What really went down was I fell asleep after she did, and Julia started reading. Then Rachel's alarm went off and this went down:

Rachel: I don't want to do this. I'm going to sleep.
Julia: Me too.
Hannah: I'll get the lights.

It was ten fifteen.

We got up this morning, and I took Mary to Sunday School and saw the youth group. And then we packed up the car and headed back to Starkville to make it back for The Reflector meeting because we're that dedicated. And then we bought our midnight Harry Potter tickets.

I'm really excited for that.